Monday, July 3, 2017

How to choose cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses

How to choose cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses? In our daily life, we usually can ask this questions? Certainly, it is a good question. As eyes are very significant for us and we ought to choose a good and suitable Ray Ban sunglasses to protect them.
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Firstly, people should observe the lens whether there are scratches, impurities, bubbles, stripes or not. Then check the Ray Ban sunglasses outside the packaging. Generally speaking, formal sunglasses should be marked with the name, color, diameter, quality level, factory name and trademark, and mirror or tag mark with UVA, UVB and CE logo sunglasses to ensure that some of the UV blocking.
Secondly, when we buy cheap Ray Ban sunglasses, we need to try them on to check whether have vertigo, headache feeling. If no, it will be comfortable for you. With the development of technology, there are some myopia sunglasses for sale. Although it is very convenient for myopia people, but because the interpupillary distance and other indicators are different, we don’t choose them randomly if there is no professional guidance. Consumers should do it according to some professional people advice.
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Thirdly, use the hands take the pair of fake Ray Ban sunglasses at the two corners of the fluorescent lamp, so that the mirror of the reflective strip gently rolling. If the mirror reflection of the fluorescent lights appear wavy, twisted, that the lens is not smooth. We will can know it is not good quality. This kind of  mirror will damage vision. So dear friend, if you choose a pair of cheap Knockoff Ray Ban sunglasses, we should pay attention to it. Or it will be harmful to our eyes.
Finally, lenses should be flat and high resolution. Lens is key factor for a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. As for sunglasses film material, there are glass and resin, and the best discount Ray  Ban sunglasses should use polarized lenses. It is made of the same precision and synthetic resin as the contact lens. It is composed of seven layers. The outer layer is super hard wear layer. The second and sixth layers are the shaving reinforcement layer. The third and fifth layers are ultraviolet Filter layer, and the middle layer is a polarized filter layer. Polarized lenses can effectively filter out reflected light and harmful ultraviolet rays, and has a shatterproof, anti-wear and other functions, which is the most popular sunglasses. When we choose lens, we’d better focus on these points and have a good analysis.
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One more tip, if you don’t use the sunglasses, we should out them into  the sleeve or glasses box. Don’t put the Ray Ban sunglasses into the bag directly, otherwise the lens will soon be damaged. Sometimes we can do some cleaning and make its life longer. And it is also better for our eyes.
All in all, when we select, we should pay attention to these important factors referred. Don’t only choose a pair of fake Ray Ban sunglasses with its beautiful appearance. We should have a good combination. When you buy a new cheap Ray Ban sunglasses and find there are something wrong with your eyes when wearing, you should don’t wear it and ask some advice from experts.

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