Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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     Ray Bans Outlet Store , Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale Online. Buy Cheap Knockoff Ray Ban Aviator, Clubmaster, Wayfarer, Cats Sunglasses with Free Shipping. After observing many kinds of Ray Ban sunglasses, have you ever noticed that how many different colors they have? In fact, many of us do not know the reason why they have different colors, and that is because they have different function with different colors. And generally speaking, there are four kinds of colors for different functions, including the yellow, the green, the gray and the pink. And this is the color of lenses but not the bracket. These four color could tell the customers their main functions and can express their basic information. And what is the difference between these four kinds of sunglasses?
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     The first one is the yellow one. This type of Ray Ban sunglasses is able to block out the ultraviolet ray at 100% and the infrared ray as well. Yet its biggest features is that it could filter most of blue ray. And that is the reason why we see the sky in the blue color. So it means if we are wearing a yellow sunglasses we could see the scenery in a clearer way and we are able to enjoy the beautiful flowers and tress. In addition, when driving, it allows us to see the cars on the streets clearly.
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     The green Ray Ban sunglasses is a kind of uncommon type. But actually it is able to keep out the ultraviolet ray at 99% and it could help you keep at ease. Although it does change the real color of the nature when you wearing it, it could be the thing to relax you and help you have a good mood. If you want to experience this kind of felling, you can try to buy one.
     The third is the gray, which is the same as the green one, because the gray Ray Ban sunglasses is capable of blocking out the ultraviolet ray at 98% and filtering infrared ray. This does not mean that it is at a lower quality, on the contrary, it could protect your eyes without changing the color of natural scenery. And this merit stimulate a number of people to buy them and some people even called them the most comfortable sunglasses in the world.
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     And the last one is the pink. Actually, there are lots of people who think that the pink Ray Ban sunglasses is only designed for decoration and it is useless at protecting our eyes. But the pink sunglasses is able to keep out the harmful ray at 95% although its usage is not as strong as others. It is reported, however, women are becoming more confident when they wearing a pink sunglasses, because it help them to release the stress. So if you are tired, why don’t you get a pink sunglasses?
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