Friday, May 27, 2016

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Have you ever said to yourself with Fake Ray Bans : "I can do better if I did so at that occasion." after you did something unsatisfied? I applied to be a volunteer of the Xiamen International Marathon in 2014. When I got the reply that I failed, at that moment, the only thing I thought was “ I should speak more English, wear more Ray Ban Sunglasses in daily life and say it bravely.”

At the end of the December, 2015, I received a message that we school wanted to enlist volunteers of the Xiamen International Marathon. As a voluntary-lover, without hesitation, I asked my friends like cheap Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses to come with me. So we applied for it. Before long, it was time for our interview. It’s a sunny day. Wearing big smiles, we went to the place we were about to be interviewed--the building of the School of Foreign Languages. Walking on the way in front of the Ray Ban Outlet Store, I saw a large number of students with cool Ray Ban Sunglasses gathering around the gate like the migrants pouring through in spring.
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When we reached, we signed and got the number. My feet stepping the floor, taking off my cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses with my hands sweating, I waited for a while, it was my turn. Entering the room, I sat down faced the interviewer, who was the sophomore, the cadre of our association. I was a member of the Youth Volunteers Association. So I knew her. She smiled at me and I calmed down gradually. “Make a brief self-introduction in English.” she said. My mind went blank at that time. “Er...My name is Evelyn, I am an English major from class 1415. Er...Er...” I felt my cheeks heating. “Oh my god, how come?” I said in my heart and frowned. I saw a big Ray Ban Outlet Store ahead and buy a pair of my favorite Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses,Then she said some matters need attention and asked me if I could do it. I replied:” Yes”, nodding my head in the way the chickens eat the rice. I went out the room and went bake the dorm. I started to think I could introduce my hobby, my knockoff ray bans,my character etc. I hoped I can do it again, but in vain.

Life is the life broadcast, it dose not have the rehearsal. So we must improve ourselves to react to every occasion perfectly. Without doubts, I failed to be the volunteer of that. If only I could speak more in Ray Ban Outlet shop. Sometimes I dare to speak English in the public, because I am afraid of making some mistakes in my pronunciation. I get that failures paved the way to success form the event. I should speak more English and say it bravely. As the saying goes: “Practice makes perfect.” Then I could do better in the future. For I am an English major, it is more important for me. It’s the worst day in school, but I thank for it.I love my replica Ray Ban Sunglasses, I will keep it carefully.