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a good-looking Ray Ban sunglasses is a plus item for boys

The choice of a good-looking Ray Ban sunglasses is a plus item for boys, can help you improve your temperament, first of all, must conform to the following characteristics: Type mid-band cochlea, vogue and in the tide with a bit of yuppie the wind of the book. To meet the requirements,it seems that only Ray Ban's vintage frame.
  In Europe and the United States, many fashion people wear Rayburn sunglasses to golf courses, drinks, parties and other occasions. Mr. Wang, who bought Ray Ban sunglasses, which said that he was more than 300 degrees short sighted. He used to wear two pairs of sunglasses in exchange for them, which was very inconvenient. Or add a clip on myopic sunglasses, especially, now wear discolored Rayburn sunglasses to solve these two kinds of troubles, both convenient and beautiful. And a high-powered Ray Ban sunglasses like Mr. net would like to!

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  First, the coquettish Middle Ages
  The first sunglasses were born in 13 Th century Italy, but were not popular because of rough materials and strange style. The retro sunglasses we see now evolved from an improved frame: Ray Ban's sunglasses. Because of the exquisite and meticulous style, by many gentlemen duke, painter literati favorite. It can be said that the frame of this system is the origin of the retro frame.
  Secondly, lightweight weight: Ray Ban sunglasses provide the world with such a way of expressing itself. Its main characteristic is "light". Its rubber frame is very light, because the whole frame is designed without screws. It can be seen in the nose holder and hinge. The details are so delicate as to be so touching that the face is full of tears.
  Thirdly, it has a long history: In the sunglasses industry, the Ray Ban brand can be said to be the oldest professional brand, its sunglasses belong to the professional category. It is not necessarily the most fashionable of the season, but it must be the most worthy of long-term possession. People who like him say your face will look like these glasses after a long time.Classic style, tortoiseshell with metal, which can make the whole is full of retro taste, but also brimming with masculine spirit.

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  For example, Ray Ban recommended style:RB5121
  It is evolved from the popular walker sunglasses, curve fashion, rough shape.RB5121 has a very special slope frame surface, especially suitable for nose high, contour deep face. Its classic design, in addition to bringing the flavor of the Academy, but also to make the ordinary face look more slender.
  Finally, Ray Ban's 60 s: This American-made sunglasses classic came from the 30 s-50 s It has two famous glasses: the pilot model and the walker model. For retro enthusiasts, the walker is the symbol of sunglasses. Ray Ban Outlet - Cheap Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale Online. Buy Knockoff Ray Bans with Excellent Quality and Best Service.