Monday, November 27, 2017

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These days, I see my classmate go to buy cheap Ray ban sunglasses. I've seen it, and I want to buy a pair of ray-ban sunglasses.
Today, I finally bought a pair of black ray-ban sunglasses, it took me a month's pocket money, my mother give me 20 dollar a day, morning ride a dollar, 6 dollar breakfast, the hot weather, have 4 dollar to eat ice cream in the evening, this month, I put the money saved by bus, save money to buy breakfast, and ice cream, so the savings finally bought her favorite Ray-ban sunglasses.
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I wear the Cheap Ray ban sunglasses that I bought, look in the mirror in the oneself true good-looking, mother say "wearing sunglasses to the eyes not good" I don't care. But as long as I don't go to school, I must be wearing sunglasses.
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The day father said to take me to play, when I go home, I sit in my father's car, I wear the Fake Ray Ban sunglasses, blowing the evening breeze, think oneself look affirmation is very handsome. But the evening the wind is blowing a little cold, I put clothes on, but carelessly, put the sunglasses fell down, it fell to the ground, I'll call father parking, but the car still opened a way to stop, when I went back to pick up my ray-ban sunglasses, open a car come over, I watched the car my flat ray-ban sunglasses, and my heart is broken, this is me a month's allowance.
I picked up the crushed Ray-ban sunglasses and I cried, and my father looked at my sad face and said, "Don't cry, the Ray ban sunglasses are not good for you, but you should wear them next time."
My Fake Ray Bans are gone, and I'm going to buy a pair of sunglasses for a month's allowance. I won't do it.
Carelessness is a mistake in learning. Carelessness is a fault in life. Carelessness is an obstacle in life.
If I hadn't been careless, my ray-ban sunglasses would not have been destroyed. It was my fault that I didn't take my sunglasses off when I was dressing.
Sometimes it's too careful and too careless to be too danger -- simplicity is always the best solution, and it's a truth to tell the truth, because the truth is far easier to remember than a lie.
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