Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ray Ban sunglasses become more and more popular

As time goes on,Cheap Ray Ban sunglasses become more and more popular, and gradually from fashion accessories to daily necessities.
In the 1950s, Ray Ban introduced fashion sunglasses with multicolored lenses and large frames, and a series of sunglasses for women.
In the 1960s, Ray Ban cracked lens came out, and the design of the sunglasses was rugged and stylish.
In the 1970s, Ray Ban's color-changing sunglasses could provide the wearer with the clearest sense of sight in different light.
In the 1980s, Tom cruise was wearing a classic Ray Ban aviator sunglasses in a style that swept the world.
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Since then, the American pop association has awarded the prestigious design award to its outstanding contribution to fashion.Since its founding, Cheap Ray Bans has been the world's best-selling sunglasses brand. Supporting this achievement is the high quality and elegant design of it. The company's innovative optical technology has made high quality lenses one of the biggest selling points of Ray Ban's sunglasses. Ray Ban lens is mainly glass, the shading effect is extremely strong, all the lenses can block harmful ultraviolet rays 100 percent, while filtering infrared and other harmful rays. Now, the polarizing film technology is used to reduce the damage to the eye. The design and manufacture of it frames are equally excellent, in any case, to make people comfortable.
Over the years, the variety of fake Ray Ban sunglasses has been increasing, and has formed the traditional, modern and future three styles series. In addition, according to the different consumption object, it can be divided into gentlemen, ladies and sports three types
The timeless design, simple style and excellent style have undoubtedly become an important element for the brand of Ray Ban after nearly 70 years.
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Ray Ban authenticity and replicas I think the difference is not very big, including eyes box and manual imitation really like, if the quality goods and counterfeit together unless careful observation, because otherwise it is difficult to find true replicas of difference. Now, I will summarize my experience to teach you the difference between genuine and fake:
Firstly:the lens
If it is authentic and replicas I almost difficult to tell, because a replicas of the lens has imitation pseudo laser engraved with the words "RB", but the authenticity of laser anti-counterfeiting closer to the edge of the lens, and very thin, white mark "RAYBAN" logo is fine than replicas, other no much difference.
Secondly: mark
There are Ray Ban 58 14 on the nose of the frame. The real thing is the downward side, which is not observed, and the copy is on the upside, and you can see it. And the characters are very thin. The lenses have two sizes: 55 and 58mm. Ray Ban Outlet offers the best Ray Ban sunglasses for you!