Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Quickly to know the size of cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses

Quickly to know the size of cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses. Now,I have some question about the Ray Ban Sunglasses here.For example,I want to know the size of Ray Bans.Can you tell me? Yes,of course.When we buy a pair of fake Ray Ban sunglasses,we will see some data about the sunglasses reference. But in fact,it’s only the simple description of the sunglasses.For example,it’s just like we buy the clothes,there are many sizes we we are choose.But as for the sizes of replica Ray Ban sunglasses,you may don’t know clearly.The Ray Ban Sale fans must know there are many quantity of them,and different shops have different quality.Which had caused many friends cost too much time to choose them.It’s true that it’s a big problem to choose the correctly sunglasses for ourselves.Now,I am here to solve this problem of how to choose suitable cheap Ray Ban sunglasses.
Firstly,look at the tag size.Generally speaking,the size of sunglasses are produced by the standard design .It has the similar with glasses frame,which you can get the sizes information in the lens leg or tag.Of course,you can choose the fake Ray Bans according to this datum.For example, the 53 port 16-130,which is stands for the size of lens frame is 53 mm,nose size is 16 mm and the leg size is 130 mm. Secondly,you can go to the physical shop to get the accurate size.When you are trying the knockoff Ray Ban sunglasses,if you fell good which shows the size is suitable.What’s more,you can also look at the mirror in order to if it’s suitable for your face.I think it’s a good method.Finally,refer the size of you had purchased before.When you go to a store to buy a pair of cheap Ray Ban sunglasses,you can refer the above label size.Generally,there is a painting that had shown the accurate figures.You can refer it,too.Of course,you can get the approximately data by measuring you had buy the glasses before.
Find Your Fit: Ray Ban Sizes

     A:Yeah,but how to measure my size if I choose a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses?
 B:Besides that,we had extra every pair of the height of sunglasses for you convenience.And there is a image following.
What’s more,the fake Ray Bans lens mainly consider the width and wide.If the two numerical values are suitable,it shows it’s more suitable for you than other sunglasses.Another,it’s OK if there is the difference size of 2 mm.And if you had measured the width of your glasses,you can buy it directly.Which is to shorten the scope of your choice.And there is a image following for you.

A:What should I pay attention to ?
B:You must pay attention to the wide size refer to the 4 cm at the distance of the glasses in the front.It’s about the location of temple.Generally speaking,the size of Ray Ban sunglasses in European and the United States are more larger than the size of domestic.But if it’s designed for the Asian people,you are not only it’s size and style,but also pay attention to its quality when you want to buy a pair of knockoff Ray Ban sunglasses.Only the high quality sunglasses can prevent the UV. You can also remember the size that you had measured before.But if you feel bad by wearing the before sunglasses,you must change it and zoom or out of the measurement a bit.
   A:According to your detail description,I had learned a lot. OK roger it.Thank you very much!
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